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CBD Wholesale, Light Cannabis and Light Marijuana Wholesale in Europe. We strive to offer only the best, high quality products. Read more about us and our products below.

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We deal only with legal marijuana and ship only legal hemp with THC levels that match your country's laws and regulations.

  • 100% Legal Cannabis
    All our products are tested and qualified as industrial hemp with an legal THC limit in your country.
  • 100% Organic
    We guarantee all the products are made from 100% pure organic industrial hemp.
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    We always ship your order within 24 hours to anywhere in the world.
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    We love good prices and are always striving to deliver best price to you.
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    All our products are lab tested to ensure our quality standards and deliver safe and reliable products to you.
CBD Buds

Legal Cannabis Wholesale

All our products are 100% organic and made from EU certified and approved industrial hemp. We do our own growing, nurturing, trimming and drying in one single factory. In this way we can really keep our production cost down but at the same time keep the quality at an all time high.

Growing Facilities

All our products are grown indoors and We combine tried-and-true heartland farming with innovative horticultural techniques to grow a select range of cannabis strains. Our focus is on consistency—a pure cannabis that our customers can trust and count on. With over 4000sqm of growing facilities and computer monitored temperature, lightning, soil content and moisture we have a outstanding quality in our products.
Cannabis Growing wholesale

Curing and Drying

After we have harvested the crops we need to dry (Curing) the herbs for best results. We monitor the drying with computers and manual inspections every 6 hours. The rapidly expanding industry of cannabis cultivation has led to inquiries regarding controlled environment chambers for processes in this field. The drying (Curing) process is critical to maintaining proper levels of cannabinoids and preventing mold and mildew.
curing cannabis europe sweden cbd

Manual Trimming

After the Hemp has dried we move the herbs to our trimming room where all the flowers (buds) are separated by hand from the leafs and stems and our great trimming specialists select only the finest flowers for our end product. Whats left from the trimming is of course reused for growing new plants but also used to extract CBD oils and other extracts.
trimming viracan

Laboratory Tests

Here at Viracan we always make sure our products are of the best quality possible. We always test our products regularly for both THC, CBD and terpene profile and amounts. We also regulary test for heavy metals and pesticides but as all our growing is done indoor we have never to date had any problems with pesticides. You can feel safe using Viracan products.
Lab test CBD

Marijuana Products

Viracan products are well known all over the world as one of the highest quality CBD and hemp products origin from the European union. Premium quality indoor grown Hemp Buds, just as it should be but within the legal EU limit of 0-3.0% THC.

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