CBD Buds Wholesale Europe

CBD Flowers

We have a selection of trusted farmers from who we buy only the highest quality CBD and CBG flowers from. Please contact us to see what strains are available as this varies from crop to crop. We’d be delighted to arrange samples and to send you the COA for each product.

CBD Hash

In addition to our hand-trimmed and carefully curated flower selection, we also offer an excellent selection of CBD Hash. We only sell a limited selection to ensure we are 100% happy with the production methods and CBD content for our products.
Gels And Gummies

Oils, Gummies, Gels & Paste

We are delighted to offer various strengths CBD oils – both broad spectrum and full spectrum. Various carrier oils available too. We also have CBD gummies, gels and pastes available. All our products are competitively priced and of the highest quality.